April 16, 2010

Texas Governor Rick Perry Endorses Huelskamp
DODGE CITY – This morning, the Congressional campaign of Tim Huelskamp (R-Fowler) announced that they have received the endorsement of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry has emerged as a leading conservative voice in the Republican Party, and Senator Huelskamp said he was honored to receive Perry’s endorsement.

In a letter to the citizens of Kansas, Governor Perry said: “There is only one candidate in this race that will keep the state of Kansas and our nation moving forward in the right direction, and that’s Tim Huelskamp…I do not make this endorsement lightly and only offer my support when I am certain of a candidate’s strong conviction…Tim is without a doubt one of those candidates and I am proud to offer my endorsement of his campaign.”

Tim Huelskamp responded that he was very pleased and honored to receive Governor Perry’s endorsement: “I am very grateful and honored to have Governor Perry’s support,” said Huelskamp. “The conservative movement needs strong principled leaders like Governor Perry and I to continue fighting for the values that made America great.”

Governor Rick Perry joins a long list of national conservative leaders and organizations that have pledged their support to Huelskamp. That list includes Governor Mike Huckabee, The Club for Growth, Congressman Ron Paul, Gun Owners of America, and Concerned Women PAC. Perry’s endorsement continues a recurring trend of prominent conservative leaders backing Huelskamp. The Topeka Capital reported on 7/9/09 that “In the race for the 1st Congressional District seat, state Sen. Tim Huelskamp appears to be the conservatives’ favorite candidate…”

A copy of Governor Rick Perry’s endorsement letter is attached.

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