April 29, 2010

Huelskamp Announces Support for “Contract From America”
DODGE CITY – Tim Huelskamp today announced that he has officially thrown his support behind the "Contract from America," a grassroots-generated, crowd-sourced, bottom-up call for real economic conservative and good governance reform in Congress. The Contract from America initiative was developed within the decentralized tea party and 912 movements, with help from various national conservative groups such as Freedom Works, Americans for Tax Reform, American Solutions, Tea Party Patriots, and National Taxpayers Union.

"This Contract is centered around the same Reagan conservative principles that I believe our nation must embrace: individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom," said Huelskamp. "Those are the principles I've stood for here in Kansas, and those are the same principles I will take to Congress."

The Contract from America has been signed by candidates from all across America, most notably Senator Jim DeMint, a conservative leader from South Carolina. More information about the Contract from America can be found at www.contractfromamerica.com. The contract contains 10 items including a balanced budget, a rejection of cap-and-trade, and the enactment of fundamental tax reform. To view all 10 items in the Contract, please visit http://www.contractfromamerica.com.

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