December 2, 2009

Sen. Tim Huelskamp Earns 100% Rating from Americans for Prosperity

FOWLER - Today Senator Tim Huelskamp is proud to announce that the Kansas state chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) rated his voting record in the state senate during the 2008 legislative session at 100%. Senator Huelskamp was one of only seven state senators to receive a perfect rating from the organization.

"It's always an honor to be recognized by AFP as one of the conservative leaders in the state senate," Senator Huelskamp said. "As a state senator, I have always been willing to take up the cause of fighting for lower taxes and limited government, and that is something I will continue as Congressman for the Big First."

The AFP scorecard, which is published annually, ranks legislators on a percentile basis on a scale from 10-100. Key issues that factored into the scoring formula included an expansion of the Holcomb Power Plant, opposition to the statewide smoking ban, and increased government transparency.

Derrick Sontag, the state director for AFP-Kansas, said that "Conservatives would be hard-pressed to find a stronger and more consistent voice in the Kansas Senate than Sen. Tim Huelskamp. We want to thank Tim for his hard work on behalf of limited government, lower taxes and less wasteful spending."

Sen. Huelskamp was the only First District congressional candidate to post a perfect score. Huelskamp's career Taxpayer scorecard rating is 97%, the highest of any state senator. He has previously been recognized as a Taxpayer Champion by AFP, Top Friend of the Taxpayer by Kansas Taxpayers Network, and Hero of the Taxpayer by Americans for Tax Reform.

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